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Classification and replacement time of filter cotton in spray painting room


The paint baking room is mainly used to spray paint for all kinds of products that need to be painted. In order to strictly control the quality of the paint, a ventilation system is generally introduced. Through the whole ventilation and filtration system, the air dust impurities entering the paint room can be well filtered, the paint fog particles in the paint room are absorbed, and the air quality of the paint room is filtered out. The ventilation system of paint baking room is composed of three lines of filter cotton, and the distribution is primary filter cotton, ceiling filter cotton and paint fog filter cotton. 

Classification of filter cotton in paint room. 

First, primary filter cotton: also known as tuyere cotton, generally can be divided into disposable filter cotton and washable filter cotton, primary filter cotton mainly plays the role of primary filtration, the large dust particles and particles in the outermost, the fresh air into the second filter. The primary filter cotton commonly used in paint baking rooms is blue-and-white filter cotton, and the windward side is blue. It also works in all white.

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Second, ceiling filter cotton: the roof filter cotton is the second filter of the paint room, and the air is filtered by the roof filter cotton and sent into the studio by the fan, forcing the air in the studio to form a positive pressure to ensure the effective discharge of the paint smell in the paint room. the overall filtered air is uniformly diffused to form a laminar flow state to achieve the best spraying effect.

Third, paint fog filter cotton: also known as paint fog felt, fluffy felt, floor cotton or gutter cotton, because it is laid under the grille at the bottom of the paint room, the main function of floor cotton is to filter the excess paint fog in the air, reduce the paint content and odor in the air, and reduce the pollution emitted into the air. Paint fog filter cotton is the last filter in the paint room.

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Filter cotton replacement time. 

On the question of how often the filter cotton is replaced in the paint room, we believe that many customers have asked this question and want to know the answer. How often does it take to replace it? First of all, I would like to say that the special filter cotton for the paint room has both good quality and ordinary quality. the top filter cotton with good quality is 600G, and the three-dimensional dipping is mainly made of more materials and glue, so that it absorbs more dust. if the glue is used more, it is not easy to fall ash, and the filtration effect will be better, but if some customers can not use cotton with too much resistance, it is recommended to use 560G surface glue ceiling filter cotton. The difference of this one is that it is loose and has less resistance, so sometimes it is necessary to choose the model according to the actual situation of the customer. the initial filter cotton at the air inlet is suggested to be replaced once every 2 months. this cotton is cheaper and can be changed frequently. it can prolong the use time of roof filter cotton. 
fiberglass mediaSome customers in order to save costs, buy cheap filter cotton, in fact, less materials, the use of time will be shortened, and easy to ash, glue and materials less, dust is not easy to filter out. How often should the filter cotton in the paint baking room be changed? First of all, according to the environment of the air inlet of your paint baking room, if the environment of your air inlet is good and there is less dust, your filter cotton will be used for a long time, and if you use it well, it can take a year or more. If you bake paint room air inlet environment is not good, maybe your filter cotton can only be used for 3 months or half a year to replace the new filter cotton. 

So when using the filter equipment, there are a lot of things to pay attention to, suitable for the environment can also prolong its life, extend the replacement period!

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