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Is the higher the filtration efficiency of the liquid tank high efficiency filter, the better?


In the high-efficiency air filter, there is a special filter called liquid trough high-efficiency filter, which is rarely used in general and needs to be used in a specific environment, so not many people know about it.

It adopts liquid tank sealing technology, which is superior to the mechanical compression device commonly used in China at present.And the liquid tank filter is easy to install. The seal is very reliable, so its terminal filtration effect is better than that of ordinary products.

Liquid trough high efficiency filter

What is the difference between liquid trough high efficiency filter and other filters. 
1. Their appearance is different, and the liquid tank filter has one more tank edge than the high efficiency filter without diaphragm. 
2. Their filtration areas are different.In the case of the same size, the filtration area of the tank filter is lower than that of the non-separator high efficiency filter, because it is surrounded by a tank edge, which reduces the filtration area in the middle. 
3. Their installation seals are not the same. The non-partition high efficiency filter is sealed between the sealing rubber strip on the air inlet side or the air outlet side and the box, while the liquid tank high efficiency filter is sealed between the glue on the side of the liquid tank and the box, so its tightness is better.
4. The price and cost are also different. Or because the edge of the liquid tank filter has a liquid tank edge, and the injected tank glue is a relatively high-cost raw material, so the price of this kind of filter will be higher than that of the ordinary non-partition high-efficiency air filter. 
Is the higher the filtration efficiency of the tank filter, the better? 
For this problem, we need to look at different situations. In production, some of the more demanding clean room workshops need high-efficiency air filters to filter. At this time, the efficiency of the high-efficiency air filter is the higher the better, but we also need to consider other factors. The more efficient the air filter is, the more energy the filter consumes, so the tank filter only needs to meet certain requirements. There is no need to use a more efficient air filter.If used, then the electricity will be increased, and the requirements for air conditioning will also be improved. 
For some clean rooms, the tank filter generally only needs to reach a certain level, there is no need to choose very high-grade filter equipment, otherwise it can only increase the loss, cost, resulting in a lot of unnecessary waste. The main raw material of the liquid tank filter which is more common in the market is fiberglass paper. The high efficiency filter made of this material has achieved real high efficiency, and the air filtration effect is quite good.If you want to maintain an efficient filtration effect, the protection of cellophane paper must be done well, if there is any small loss, the filtration effect will be greatly discounted, so this kind of tank filter can not be cleaned. The liquid trough air filters produced by our company have been tested one by one before leaving the factory to ensure the performance index of the filter, and can make a variety of non-standard sizes and filtration requirements of high-efficiency air filters according to user requirements.

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