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How often do you change the filter cotton in the spray painting room?


In order to improve the quality of the spray painting room, a ventilation system is generally introduced to filter the dust and impurities into the air, and the paint fog particles in the air of the spray room need to be filtered. Air filter cotton is generally used as pre-filtration of spray paint room to protect and prolong medium efficiency, high efficiency filter and service life.

No matter what style of spray painting room, mobile telescopic spray painting room or high temperature spray painting room, filter cotton is one of the indispensable parts. This part of the material is not only indispensable, but also needs to be replaced regularly to avoid the decline of its performance. But on what basis should its replacement cycle be based? What is the replacement process like? 
The use time of filter cotton in spray painting room will change with the use of environment and maintenance conditions, so the replacement should also be determined according to the actual state. Under normal circumstances, the filter cotton on the ceiling of the painting room should be replaced for 400 to 500 hours, while the filter cotton at the air inlet should be used for about 60 to 80 hours. 

Replacement process of filter cotton in spray painting room. 
(1) when replacing the roof filter cotton, remove the air inlet, ceiling and bottom filter screen, and carefully clean the ventilation ducts, dark corners and dust-prone places. 
(2) then close the door of the room with high temperature spray paint and bake paint, turn on the fan and blow for about 1 hour, sweep and clean, and then install filter cotton.When installing filter cotton, the filter material and frame and periphery must not be left any leisure, install the filter cotton frame around the sealant, and then install the roasted roof filter cotton and air inlet filter cotton. 
(3) turn on the fan and blow for about 4 hours. after another cleaning, install the paint fog felt, so that the use effect is better.

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