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What is the good filtration level of air filter?


With the progress of society and the improvement of our living standards, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection.Especially the production demand and emissions of the factory. There are many kinds of products used to filter air, such as filter cotton, filter, filter net, activated carbon and so on. Which one should we choose when using so many air filtration products? 
There are a variety of filtering products, which can be uniformly classified according to their filtering efficiency. The specific efficiency classification is as follows:

The above is the division of the efficiency of air filtration products, including national standards, American standards and European standards, so many different efficiency, we choose air filter cotton, air filter when choosing which kind of efficiency is better? 
In fact, we should judge this problem according to their respective use environment. 
1. Where the ambient air quality requirements are not high, you can choose the initial effect or the initial effect with the medium effect, that is, you can choose the filter cotton and filter between the G1-F9 to be used together. 
2. In some places with high ambient air quality requirements, we can choose the three efficient products of junior high school to be used together. The use of junior high school efficiency is to prolong the service life of high efficiency filter and reduce the production cost. 
3. If you need to remove odor and have certain requirements for air cleanliness, you can use it with activated carbon filter in accordance with the above two principles. Activated carbon filter is a professional filter for filtering odor. 
Through the above introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding of the filtration level of the air filter. When choosing the filter level, you need to analyze it according to your own situation.

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