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Leak detection method of high efficiency air filter in pharmaceutical factory


Pharmaceutical industry is a very strict industry, as a pharmaceutical factory, it has very strict requirements for all aspects of the environment. There are generally three filters in the air filtration of pharmaceutical factories, that is, high efficiency in junior high school. In order to meet the requirements of the production environment of the pharmaceutical factory. Then in the process of use, the leak detection of the high efficiency filter is also very necessary.

Pharmaceutical factory high efficiency air filter

High-quality products are inseparable from high-quality production environment, in the pharmaceutical industry, in order to meet the requirements of clean area process parameters need a large number of public facilities to work together, and the most important thing in the pharmaceutical clean room is the high-efficiency filter. High efficiency filter (HEPA) generally refers to an air filter with an efficiency of more than 99.9% for particles with a particle size greater than or equal to 0.3 μ m and an initial airflow resistance below 250Pa. It is usually used as the terminal filtration device of the air conditioning system in the clean workshop of pharmaceutical enterprises to provide clean air to the clean room in accordance with the requirements. To a certain extent, whether the clean room can reach and maintain the designed cleanliness level is closely related to the performance of the high efficiency filter and its correct installation mode. Therefore, the on-site leak detection test of the high efficiency filter in the clean production workshop to ensure that it meets the requirements is an important testing means to ensure the clean environment level of the workshop.

First of all, the purpose of leak detection of high-efficiency filters in pharmaceutical factories is mainly the following two points: 
1. Whether the material of the high efficiency filter is damaged or leaked. 
2. If the outer frame size and material requirements are qualified, do not affect the installation. 

The high efficiency filter is tested by professional testing equipment, and the filter efficiency report and qualification certificate are attached when it leaves the factory. High-efficiency filter leak detection refers to the on-site leak detection after the installation of the high-efficiency filter and its system in the pharmaceutical factory, mainly to check the small pinholes and other damage in the filter material, such as the frame seal, the gasket seal and the leakage on the filter frame. The purpose of leak detection is to find the defects of the high efficiency filter itself and its installation in time by checking the tightness of the high efficiency filter and its connection with the installation frame, and take corresponding remedial measures to ensure the cleanliness of the area.

The method of High efficiency filter in Pharmaceutical Factory. 

The high efficiency air filter leak test basically places the challenge particles on the upstream of the high efficiency air filter, and then uses a particle detection instrument to search for leaks on the surface and frame of the high efficiency air filter.There are several different ways of leak testing, which can be used in different situations. 

The test methods are as follows: 
1. Test method for aerosol photometer. 
2. Particle counter test method. 
3. Full efficiency test method. 
4. External gas test method

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