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Medium efficiency bag air filter should be divided into several bags


The medium-effect bag air filter has the advantages of large effective filtration area, large dust capacity, low resistance and large ventilation; the frame and support frame can be reused, and the filter bag only needs to be replaced when the filter is replaced, which greatly reduces the operating cost.

Medium-effect bag air filter is widely used in the filtration system of electronic, pharmaceutical, medical, food and other industries.

Medium efficiency bag air filter

Efficiency specifications of medium efficiency bag air filter: G4 (35%), F5 (45%), F6 (65%), F7 (85%), F8 (95%), F9 (98%); frame thickness series: 21mm, 25mm, etc. 

(F5BI 45%, white, for intermediate filter front filter). 

(F6, 65%, orange, used in commercial buildings, cinemas, stations, space stations). 

(F7, 85%, green, used in painting rooms, schools, computer rooms). 

(F8, 95%, pink, used in industry, pharmaceuticals, food, hospitals). 

(F998%, yellow, used in precision electronics industry, national defense factory, aseptic room). 

Structural characteristics of medium efficiency bag air filter. 

The medium-effect bag air filter has its own unique bag structure, which can ensure that the air flow uniformly fills the whole bag, and the unique hot melt technology can prevent leakage from being squeezed too much between the bags. this greatly reduces the resistance and maximizes the dust capacity, and the use of bag support grille can play the role of reinforcement. And can prevent the filter from shrinking or bending in very poor working conditions. 

Medium-efficiency bag air filter can be used as a good medium-efficiency filter, so it can be used in the environment of moisture, high air flow and large dust load. In the field of filters, medium-efficiency bag air filters are widely used in pharmaceutical, automotive, food manufacturing, commercial buildings, various industries and ventilation systems, and the use of this filter can effectively improve the relevant industry standards. 

Medium efficiency bag air filter should be divided into several bags. 

In the process of contact with customers, we often encounter customers asking how many bags are there in the middle effect bag filter?How do you tell the difference? I believe we all know that the number of medium efficiency bag filter bags is related to the air supply volume of the whole clean room, and the non-standard air volume standard is one of the most important factors in the clean room. With regard to the problem of bag distribution of this medium-effect bag air filter, it is actually very simple. It mainly depends on the length of the side of the bag, and it is appropriate to divide several bags according to the length. If you really don't understand, you can consult the filter manufacturer directly, and they will give professional advice on how to solve the problem.

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