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What are the main filtration methods of air filter


Air filter is very important to people's living and production level nowadays. It is well known that there are a lot of dust particles in the air, which will bring some negative effects on the improvement of people's life and production quality. therefore, air filter is basically indispensable in our life and production. 

Principle of air filtration by air filter. 

Mechanical filtration of air generally captures particles in the following three ways: direct interception, inertial collision and Brownian diffusion mechanism, which has a good effect on the collection of fine particles but high wind resistance, in order to obtain high purification efficiency, the filter element needs to be compact and replaced regularly. 

What are the main filtration methods of air filter

Adsorption is the use of large surface area and porous structure of the material to capture particle pollutants, which is easy to block, and is more effective in the removal of gas pollutants.

Electrostatic precipitator is a dust collection method which uses high voltage electrostatic field to ionize the gas so as to make dust particles charged and adsorbed on the electrode. although its wind resistance is small, it has poor effect on larger particles and fibers, and it will cause discharge, and cleaning is troublesome and time-consuming, and it is easy to produce ozone and form secondary pollution. 

The working principle of removing indoor particle pollutants by negative ion and plasma method is similar, which is to make the particles in the air electrified and coalesced to form larger particles, but the particles are not actually removed, but are only attached to the nearby surface. it's easy to raise dust again. 

Electrostatic electret filtration can effectively block particulate pollutants in the air, such as dust, hair shavings, pollen, bacteria, etc., while ultra-low impedance ensures the stable operation of air conditioning and cooling effect. 

What are the main ways of filtering air by air filter. 

The general air filter can be divided into the following methods and steps: 

1. Multiple filters-prevent dust and germs from the air from entering the room. 

Multiple activated carbon filters can effectively intercept dust bacteria and filter the air to ensure that the air entering the room is clean. 

2. Titanium oxide antivirus-degradation of formaldehyde, benzene and other organic gases in indoor air. 

Nano-sized titanium dioxide is activated by ultraviolet light to filter the air to effectively degrade the radiation pollution of formaldehyde, benzene and other organic poisonous gases in the air. 

3. Negative ion oxygenation-increase the amount of oxygen in indoor air to the right amount and keep the content stable. 

The negative ion generator increases oxygen to the indoor air, ensures that the air entering the home maintains sufficient oxygen, is full of vitality, and strengthens the filtered air. 

4. PTC ceramic heating-heating indoor air to a comfortable temperature. 

The PTC ceramic heating sheet can help preheat the fresh air entering the room in winter and appropriately increase the indoor temperature so as to filter the air and make the home warm and comfortable. 

5. Ultraviolet light sterilization-powerful killing of epidemic viruses and bacteria in the air. 

The ultraviolet light source can effectively kill the epidemic viruses and bacteria in the air, keep people away from the source of infection, filter the air and take care of the health of the whole family. 

The main technologies for the removal of particles in the air are mechanical filtration, adsorption, electrostatic precipitator, negative ion and plasma method, electrostatic electret filtration and so on. 

The above five ways are the main ways of air filtration, and with these five ways, research and production of air filters suitable for a variety of environments and occasions.

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