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What kind of high efficiency filter does the hospital use?


Create a comfortable environment conducive to work for medical staff, and meet the strict requirements of air temperature, humidity, wind speed, freshness and cleanliness, noise and so on. Therefore, the operating room building has clean areas, quasi-clean areas, general areas are strictly divided, with a clear flow direction and rigorous plane functional areas. In general, the air purification in the operating department will be used with three levels of high-efficiency air filters in junior high school in order to meet the requirements of high cleanliness.Primary and medium-effect air filters are more common. Here Jielin purification would like to introduce to you what kind of high-efficiency filters are used in hospitals.

Hospital air filtration

Characteristics of hospital high efficiency filter. 

1. The main control parameters of hospital high efficiency filter are filtration efficiency, rated air volume, initial resistance under rated air volume, dust capacity and so on. 

two。. According to the method specified in GB/T6165-1985 "transmittance and Resistance of High efficiency Air filter performance Test methods", the filter with transmittance ≤ 0.1% (i.e. efficiency ≥ 99.9%) or counting transmittance ≤ 0.001% (i.e. efficiency ≥ 99.999%) for particles with particle size ≥ 0.1 μ m is a high efficiency air filter. 

3. The filter materials commonly used in hospital high efficiency filters are ultra-fine glass fiber and so on. 

4. The air filter shall meet the fire prevention requirements, and the high efficiency air filter shall be divided into three levels according to the degree of fire resistance: class 1 filter, all materials of the filter are non-flammable, and non-flammable materials shall meet GB8624-1997 Class A. For grade 2 filter, the filter material shall be non-combustible material conforming to GB8624-1997 A grade, and the separator and frame shall be combustible material conforming to GB8624-1997 B2 grade. Grade 3 filter, all filter materials are available in accordance with GB8624-1997 B3 grade. 

5. In design, twice the initial resistance can be used as the final resistance, which can be used as the calculated resistance of the filter. 

6. The initial resistance of the high efficiency air filter shall not exceed 10% of the resistance of the product sample. 

7. The hospital high efficiency filter should not be used alone, and the high efficiency air filter should be set at the end of the purification air conditioning system. 

8. Dust capacity should be provided by manufacturers. The leak of the high efficiency filter should be detected when it leaves the factory.Other requirements are determined according to the needs of users. 

9. The combined filter tuyere is often used in the general non-parallel flow clean air conditioning system.

Hospital air filtration

The function of hospital high efficiency filter. 

Because the high efficiency air filter is to filter and purify the outdoor air and send it indoors, the dust content of outdoor air is a very important data. It is decided after the comprehensive consideration of the environment, spare parts cost, operation energy consumption, maintenance and supply when selecting the pre-high efficiency air filter in the multi-stage purification and filtration treatment. Correctly determine the characteristics of the high efficiency air filter. The main characteristics of high efficiency air filter are filtration efficiency, resistance, penetration rate, dust capacity, filter air speed and treatment air volume and so on.When conditions permit, high-efficiency air with high efficiency, low resistance, large dust capacity, moderate filtration air speed, large air volume, convenient manufacture and installation and low price should be selected as far as possible. 

The efficiency of the high-efficiency filter for filtering 0.3m dust in the air can reach more than 99.99%. Therefore, the high-efficiency filter only has the function of filtering dust; it does not produce microorganisms, nor can it filter microorganisms. 

With the improvement of the use requirements, the end of the modern hospital operating room is equipped with a high-efficiency filter to achieve the purpose of purification, but there are often users running in the operating room for a period of time will have the problem of bacteria exceeding the standard. and point the root of the problem to the high-efficiency filter with partition high-efficiency filter, and now explain to friends the main role of a high-efficiency filter. Or move inertia with the air flow, or move irregularly, or move under the action of a certain field force. When the dust particles in motion hit the filter, the gravity between the particles and the surface of the efficient filter makes it adhere to the air filter.

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