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What is the basis for judging the scrapping of hospital high-efficiency filters?


The hospital is a special environment, because there are patients and healthy people in the hospital, so the indoor air is very important, otherwise the product cross-infection will be very terrible. In order to improve the air cleanliness in the hospital environment, the use of high efficiency air filter in junior high school is very necessary. Especially as a high efficiency air filter for end filtration.

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Basis for judging the scrapping of high-efficiency filters in hospitals. 

The scrapping of high-efficiency filter is an important problem that users have to face, because only when we correctly judge that the high-efficiency filter has been scrapped, can we replace the corresponding high-efficiency filter. After our collection and arrangement, there are two kinds of high-efficiency filter scrapping: 

First, when doing environmental testing, it was found that the suspended particles in the room increased obviously, and after excluding other reasons, the dark flow version of the high efficiency air supply outlet was removed, and there was damage and black ash on the surface of the air supply outlet. Under this phenomenon, the hospital high efficiency filter could not be used, and the new filter should be replaced in time. If the filter is not obviously damaged, use the air volume cover to measure the air supply outlet between the houses, and the air supply volume of each air supply outlet will be increased. Replace it. 

Second, when there is nothing abnormal in other air filters, when the air supply volume of the air supply outlet in the room is less than half of the air supply volume of the standard brick, it means that as soon as the filter is blocked, the clogged high efficiency filter should be replaced.

Service life of hospital high efficiency filter. 

When there is too much ash on the high-efficiency filter, the resistance increases, and when it affects the normal air supply, the high-efficiency filter should be scrapped. Increasing the filter area of the high efficiency filter or increasing the number of filters can prolong the service life of the air filter. But those practices do not have much game space, you can not infinitely increase the filter area, to extend the life of high-efficiency filters, the most fundamental way is to block dust in the pre-filter. The replacement of the pre-filter generally does not need to stop production and does not need to be debugged, so experienced owners will spend their attention and money on the pre-filter. 

For 10000 and 100000 clean plants, the F8 filter (95% colorimetric method) can be selected for pre-filtration, so that the service life of the end high efficiency filter is generally up to 5 years. In foreign projects and domestic new projects, F8 filter is the most common pre-filter in non-uniform flow clean room.

For clean workshops of grade 100,10 or higher in chip factories, the common efficiency level of pre-filters is H10 (MPPS 85%), and many new projects simply choose HEPA (efficiency ≥ 99.97% for 0.3mm particles). The designer claims to ensure that the end-to-end high-efficiency filter is used "for a lifetime", but so much for its approach. 

In the past domestic clean room air conditioning system design, the common configuration of the filter is: coarse effect, "medium effect" and high efficiency. At that time, the service life of the terminal high efficiency filter was only 1 to 3 years, and the worst was only a few months.

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