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Types of primary air filters-classification of primary air filters


Primary air filters belong to the G series of coarse air filters, which are divided into eight varieties, namely: G1Magic, G2, G3, G4, GN (nylon net filter,), GH (, metal mesh filter,), GC (, activated carbon filter,), GT (, heat-resistant coarse effect filter). 

The primary air filter is generally used for pre-filtration and secondary filtration of air conditioning and ventilation system, inlet or return air filtration of clean room, etc. 

The primary filter is used to filter dust particles above 5um, mainly to protect the intermediate filter in the next filter section. There are several styles of primary air filter, such as folding, plate, bag and so on. Aluminum frame, galvanized frame or paper frame are often used in the outer frame, and the filter materials are non-woven fabric, activated carbon filter material, metal mesh and so on. Due to the good versatility, light weight, low price and other factors, the primary filter is widely used in the pre-filtration of ventilation system.

Paper frame filter

Initial air filter plate bag style classification: 

1. Plate primary air filter. 

The filtration efficiency can be selected by G2, G3, G4, F5 (EN779). It has the characteristics of large air volume, low resistance, high dust capacity, convenient installation, long service life and so on. It can be used in the ventilation system of ordinary industrial factory buildings, and it can also be used in the pre-filtration of air conditioning system and ventilation system.

Plate primary air filter

2. Foldable primary air filter. 

The folding primary filter can withstand up to 99% humidity and 80 degrees Celsius temperature. it is generally used for pre-filtration and secondary filtration of air conditioning and ventilation system, and air intake or return air filtration in clean room. The outer frame is usually made of aluminum alloy frame, which is light in weight, easy to install, smooth and beautiful in appearance. Removable design to facilitate the replacement of filter media, in order to achieve the purpose of reuse of the frame. The filter material adopts 15mm and 20mm thick primary effect filter cotton, and the raw material is high-quality polyester synthetic fiber, which has large dust capacity and low resistance. The inner frame pressing design or bonding technology is adopted to ensure the tightness of the filter and prevent leakage. Due to the use of folding process, the filtration area is 3 times larger than the ordinary flat filter, and the filtration is more thorough. 

3. Bag primary air filter. 

The use of high-quality non-woven cloth as the filter material of the filter bag has the advantages of low initial resistance, good filterability, large dust capacity and long service life.The filter bags are fixed with metal strips and fixed with nails to increase the strength of the filter screen, the structure is strong, it is not easy to leak and break, and the filtration efficiency is improved. At the same time, the outer frame is fixed by a strong plate galvanized frame with a metal strip, which is firm and stable, so that the air filter will not be deformed and damaged in a poor environment.

Bag primary air filter

The structure of initial effect plate filter. 

The initial effect plate filter is mainly composed of protective net, filter material and outer frame. The production materials of each part are also different. The outer frame materials of the primary plate filter are generally paper frame, aluminum alloy frame and galvanized iron frame. The function of the outer frame of the filter is to fix the folded filter material. The filter materials of the primary plate filter are non-woven cloth, nylon mesh, activated carbon filter material, metal pore mesh, etc., these filter materials are folded into the cardboard, and the dust particles in the inflow air are blocked by the filter material between the pleats and pleats, and the clean air flows out evenly from the other side. 

Different types of primary filters have different uses. 

1. Polyester fiber plate filter is mainly used to filter dust particles in the air, and this material is commonly used in primary filters. 

2. Polypropylene fiberboard filter is what we often call nylon net filter, which has the characteristic that repeated washing does not reduce the filtration efficiency. 

3. Fiberglass plate filter is mainly used for air filtration in high temperature environment, which can withstand high temperature up to 350 ℃, which is generally called high temperature resistant filter. 

4. Activated carbon fiber is mainly used to absorb odor, toxic and harmful substances in the air, which is generally called activated carbon filter.

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