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What is the initial effect filter of air conditioner box and its characteristics


The initial filter uses metal material as a frame to give people the impression that it has some Chinese characteristics. The choice of filter material is basically the same as the disposable paper frame in theory, and the main reason for making the metal frame is sturdiness and durability and cost saving. Due to the use of the metal frame, whenever the filter life is reached, the inner filter element can be replaced, thus saving the cost.

Primary filter

Product characteristics of primary air filter for air conditioner box. 

1. The filter material is made of 100% moisture-resistant man-made fiber filter material. 

2. The filter screen is made into a V-shaped shape, which provides the maximum filtration area for the air flow, and a special process is adopted to keep a certain distance between the filter screens. 

3. The outer frame can be made into galvanized iron frame or aluminum frame according to the demand. 

4. The filter material can be cleaned and used repeatedly, which is economical and cost-saving. 

5. The filter material is wound, the filter area is increased, the dust capacity is higher, and the service life is longer. 

6. The outer frame is iron or aluminum alloy outer frame, the inner frame is steel welded structure, the appearance is beautiful, the structure is stable, and can be used for detachable outer frame design. 

Product characteristics of primary air filter for air conditioner box. 

1. The outer frame is made of metal material or moisture-proof and water-resistant wood fiber cardboard, which is light in weight, easy to install, smooth and beautiful in appearance. 

two。. The internal filter material adopts combined inner frame pressing design or bonding technology to ensure the tightness of the filter and prevent leakage. 

3. The internal metal parts are sprayed or galvanized to prevent metal parts from rusting. 

4. The air outlet of non-woven filter media is treated by finishing to prevent secondary pollution caused by fracture and dispersion of non-woven fibers. 

5. The filter material of metal outer frame is easy to disassemble and change, can be cleaned, and the outer frame can be reused, which can save the operation cost of air conditioning. 

6. The initial effect filter has the advantages of low initial resistance and large dust capacity. 

Primary air filter function of air conditioner box. 

1. Effectively deal with indoor air pollution, such as dust, to provide cleaner air. 

2. Effectively prevent the appearance of stains around the air supply outlet of the air conditioner and the service life of the equipment. 

3. Set the corresponding standard requirements in different levels of clean rooms. If you want to achieve a certain level of cleanliness in a clean room, you must install a primary filter to effectively filter the air entering the room. 

4. Deal with the serious ash accumulation in fans, heat exchangers, pipes and other components, and have the effect of removing odor.

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