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Why are all the primary filters in the air conditioning box using aluminum frame?


The effect of the primary filter on the filtration of the high-efficiency filter device in the application situation.The primary filter is generally installed in the front of the air conditioning unit to filter some large dust particles, which plays a pre-filtering role in the middle and high efficiency. Because the primary filter comes into contact with more dust, it also increases the speed of its service life, so it usually has to be replaced once in 1-3 months.

Primary filter

The aluminum frame primary filter mainly filters the large dust particles above 5um in the air, which is used for pre-filtration at the air inlet of the air purification equipment to protect the high efficiency filter and prolong its service life. The outer frame is made of aluminum, and the filter material is mostly chemical synthetic fiber non-woven fabric, which can be made into one-piece structure, folding structure, bag structure, large air volume and small resistance of sheet structure, and the filter area of folding type is larger than that of chip type. The dust holding capacity is also large and the service life is longer than that of the chip type. The bag structure has more advantages than the former two, such as large air volume, small windward area, large dust holding capacity and long service life. Aluminum frame initial effect filter can be designed according to different needs of different styles and structures to meet customer needs, and different aluminum frame initial effect filter is good interoperability in use, plate folding can be used interoperably. 

Air filter mainly includes primary effect filter, medium effect filter and high efficiency filter. The structure of primary effect filter can be divided into plate type, folding type, bag type, etc., and the outer frame can be divided into aluminum frame, paper frame, galvanized frame, wooden frame and so on. Aluminum frame primary effect filter is widely used in the market and has good versatility, so it is a very popular one in the primary effect filter.

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