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How to choose and purchase Air filter for Central Air-conditioning Unit


The central air conditioning filter is mainly aimed at the core equipment of the central air conditioning purification system to clean up the impurities in the air, which can better ensure the release of clean and green air. General central air conditioning in the choice of filter, will choose high-efficiency air-conditioning filter, this efficient filter is very cheap, and the air cleanliness is also very good. 

At present, the air handling units of central air conditioners in many engineering projects need to replace the air filter in a very short time, which greatly increases the operating cost of users and causes a waste of raw materials at the same time.Therefore, designers and contractors need to understand the performance of the air filter and choose the filter that suits them.

How to choose and purchase Air filter for Central Air-conditioning Unit

Selection and purchase of air filters for central air-conditioning units. 

First, choose a highly efficient filter, which can shorten the working time of the filter. 

Second, choose products with large filtering area, so that magazines in the air can be filtered in a large area. 

Third, under the same wind force, it is best to choose a filter with low resistance, so that the machine can work quickly. 

Fourth, in the choice, also pay attention to the size of the problem, if the size is not determined, you can choose a universal filter. 

Fifth, when choosing a product, it is best to check each one.

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