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What matters should be paid attention to in the selection of high efficiency air supply outlet


High efficiency air supply can be widely used in purifying air conditioning systems in pharmaceutical, health, electronics, chemical and other industries. The high efficiency air supply outlet is used as the terminal filtration device for the renovation and construction of 1000-300000 clean rooms at all levels, and it is the key equipment to meet the purification requirements. The high-efficiency air supply outlet includes a static pressure box, a diffuser plate and a high-efficiency filter, and the interface with the air duct can be top-connected or side-connected.

High efficiency air supply port

The selection of efficient tuyere should pay attention to the following principles: 

1. Fully understand the type, function, scope of application and structure type of the high efficiency air outlet. 

2. According to the required air volume, the type of the required tuyere is determined within the range of the allowable wind speed in the neck of the efficient air outlet. 

3. Check the main technical performance of the selected tuyere. 

4. Determine the arrangement and installation of the selected tuyere and the connection with the tuyere. 

Matters needing attention in the selection of efficient air supply outlets: 

Efficient air supply is divided into different levels of filtration system, in the case of application can be widely used in a variety of different manufacturing industries, usually in the whole process of application, each different level of filtration system can more strongly consider everyone's own specific regulations, then when we are doing this kind of work, what are the practical problems that we must pay attention to? we must learn to choose properly. 

Suitable positive pressure tuyere. 

The commodity itself is divided into different kinds of positive pressure tuyere, in the case of selection, investigate its own requirements as much as possible, and be able to select this kind of positive pressure tuyere for top air supply, which is more varied in the case of application. can really achieve a better effect, so everyone in the whole process of selection should have a proper understanding, and can find the right kind. It would be better to choose and use it that way. 

Requirements for coatings. 

The selection of Guangzhou efficient tuyere should also pay attention to the coating on the surface, choose electrostatic spraying or painting as much as possible, the quality will be very good, and prevent the selection of that kind of coating, because the spraying is easy to fall off. that is very bad for all applications, so we should properly grasp the actual application situation, and can understand the actual provisions for the coating level. 

Barotropic tuyere with clamping structure. 

In the case of selecting high-efficiency air supply, choose as much as possible that kind of clamping structure of positive pressure air supply, this kind of structure can truly ensure that the bearing capacity is more symmetrical in Guangzhou, and it is not easy to deform in the whole process of application, so it can have stronger application practical effect, and it is not easy to have all the harm in view of everyone's long-term application. Therefore, in view of a variety of different structures of this situation, we should also properly distinguish.

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