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HEPA air conditioning filter quality is good or bad


What is HEPA air conditioning filter

First of all, HEPA air conditioning filter, namely high efficiency air particulate filter, referred to as HEPA, is the core component of blocking fine particles, so its quality directly determines the indoor purification performance.

Then, as a purchaser, how to quickly identify the quality of various HEPA filters when purchasing a replacement filter?

Jielin suggested that it can be identified from five aspects:

1. Extended area

The extended area is the total area after the folded screen material is flattened, that is, the total area used to filter dirty air. The extension area is proportional to the four factors of the length, width, thickness and wrinkle density of the filter frame. To put it simply, we have to pick a large, thick, pleated filter, but consider its wind speed requirements.

2, the smaller the resistance, the better

Blowing. Comparing the two screens with the mouth on the air inlet surface, and then sensing the size of the air flow by hand, can roughly distinguish which filter has less resistance. It is easy for ordinary people to think that resistance is inversely proportional to filtration efficiency, but it is not entirely true. The development of new technologies is moving the filter materials to low resistance and high efficiency.

3, electrostatic filter is better

It is discernible whether the filter is electrostatic or not. You can tear a small piece of flakes or a few filament-like materials from the filter net, and then touch them with a finger without static electricity. If you can stick to your fingers and do not fall down, you can know whether it is an electrostatic filter. The electrostatic filter material is pre-implanted into the air conditioner filter by a special production process, and the charge can be released without being energized during use, thereby improving the adsorption and filtration capacity of the air conditioner filter and reducing the wind resistance, since there is no high voltage electric field. Produced, it will not produce ozone.

4, appearance details

Whether the frame is flat or not, it is good for sealing, and the uneven frame is easy to cause air leakage; whether the paper surface of the filter material is flat and firm. In addition, it is also possible to distinguish the quality of the filter material by folding the filter paper in half. The good quality filter paper can be restored to its original state by its own elasticity, but the filter material with poor quality will have obvious creases. The appearance details can indirectly reflect the manufacturer's production technology level. For ordinary consumers who lack professional testing methods, it is an easy and effective means to observe the appearance details of the filter screen.

Is the HEPA air conditioning filter cleanable?

Although the HEPA filter with polypropylene, PET and PTFE can be cleaned, in order to ensure the effect of air purification, Jielin recommends that it should not be cleaned and replaced directly, because it can not completely eliminate the dirt during cleaning. At the same time, the use of external force during cleaning may also damage the fine filtration structure inside the filter and affect its filtration capacity.

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