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The difference between washable air filter and pleated pack filter


Washable air filter is mainly used to filter dust particles below 5um. The washable air filter frame material is aluminum profile, galvanized, stainless steel, filter material is non-woven fabric, nylon, activated carbon, etc. It has good versatility, excellent price, compact structure, etc. Features.

At present, pleated pack filter and washable air filter are most commonly used in the filter section of various large-scale clean air-conditioning boxes. What is the difference between washable air filter and pleated pack filter?

1, washable air filter can be used to pump out the filter material, but the number of cleaning is limited, the recommended number of times up to five times, it extends the life of the filter.

2. Since the washable air filter is an unprotected net structure, and the pleated pack filter is overlaid on the cotton, the sub-frame is relatively low in initial resistance and large in air volume relative to the pleated pack filter.

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