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The role of paint stop


The paint stop captures excess paint from the painting system, avoids paint stains on the equipment, prevents damage to the painted surface and protects the external environment, filters paint particles in the room, and reduces exhaust gas pollution. Paint stop called various, fiberglass filter media, floor filter, spray booth filter and so on.

Paint stop consists of high-strength continuous monofilament fiberglass, with an increasing structure, high catch rate, good paint mist isolation effect; good compression performance, can keep its appearance unchanged, its filter fiber is good for storing paint mist and dust; paint stop The filter material is green and white, the green surface is the airward wind surface; it has elasticity and low pressure loss, and has excellent trapping effect filter for paint mist. The flame retardant of lacquer felt meets the temperature resistance of DIN4102 F1 and can reach 100% relative. Temperature resistance; high temperature resistance up to 170.

It is generally suitable for dry painting system of dry coating spray booth floor, automobile, furniture and mechanical parts, as well as workshop paint mist filtration or kitchen oil fume filtration, so that the discharged air does not pollute the environment. The paint stop has low initial resistance, paint mist isolation effect, easy and negative surface, flexible, economical and practical. The paint stop absorbs excessive free particles generated during painting and balances the pressure of the working space.

At a certain wind speed, it can still maintain its original shape, increase the life of the filter, and reduce the cost of replacement. It can be equipped with galvanized steel frame or aluminum alloy frame, and can also be equipped with metal back mesh, which can effectively support the filter to withstand large air volume. Not easily deformed. Paint stop can also be used for air inlet coarse filtration in general air conditioning systems; dry coating engineering such as painting booth, car spray booth paint mist discharge system; car spray paint booth floor exhaust filter.

Regularly change the paint stop to avoid clogging of paint particles and environmental pollution. Paint stop is suitable for all kinds of industrial paint filtration, such as furniture factory, automobile factory, electronics industry, pharmaceutical factory, food industry and so on.

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