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Product characteristics of activated carbon filter


The main function of the activated carbon filter material is to treat the odor and pollution in the air. The activated carbon filter material contains 100% surface adsorption capacity, which can effectively remove a large amount of odor and harmful gases. It is widely used in air conditioning and ventilation places to deal with odor and air pollution. It is effective in removing pollution and clean air.

Activated carbon filter uses activated carbon synthetic fiber as carrier. Compared with traditional activated carbon filter, it has better aerodynamic performance, small bulk density, high adsorption rate and small drag coefficient. The activated carbon filter is made of powdered activated carbon on the polyurethane foam, and its carbon content is about 35%-50%. It has high-efficiency adsorption performance of activated carbon and can be used for air purification to remove volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide, chlorobenzene and air. It has low air resistance and low energy consumption. It can deodorize, remove odor and purify the environment under a certain air volume, and has a good purification effect.

Product characteristics of activated carbon filter

1. Activated carbon filter filter material is activated carbon synthetic fiber.

2. The activated carbon filter has a 100% surface adsorption capacity.

3, the outer frame can be selected with waterproof cardboard, galvanized iron frame or aluminum frame and stainless steel.

4. Activated carbon filter materials with different materials can be selected, such as activated carbon granules, activated carbon synthetic fibers, activated carbon foam and plate activated carbon filters.

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