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What is the type of sealant for V-bank air filter?


V-bank air filter completely seals the filter material with viscose in the frame, and penetrates the filter material with polyurethane adhesive to prevent voids. Polyurethane is soft and elastic, which can effectively prevent cracking and transportation. The medium vibration damages the filter material. Prevents side leakage around. The sealing layer completely seals the filter edges and the separator, sealing all channels where leakage may occur.

 The V-bank air filter has a 180 degree fold on both sides to form a crepe fold. When the filter material is bent, there are two indentations, which form a clamshell-shaped fold at the end of the baffle. The clamshell-shaped pleat prevents the filter material from being damaged. Some filter manufacturers use single indentation or roll-on filter pleats, or even manual origami, in which the filter material is easily damaged by the sharp fold of the corrugated partition. Or damage the filter paper during excessive handling.

 The V-bank air filter has learned about the seal of the filter. What are the common types and selection methods of the V-bank air filter?

 V-bank air filter frame: plastic frame, galvanized frame, aluminum frame, stainless steel frame, V-bank air filter for common plastic frame. Suitable for use in research and production departments. The process requirements are below 100,000 cleanliness (<0.5μm dust particles). Because of its good filter performance, this filter is especially suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, biological laboratories, hospitals. Operating room, food industry, cosmetics industry, etc. It also has good effects on air purification in offices and hotels. Therefore, in the above case, the filter can be used as a final filter. It guarantees a cleanliness requirement of 100,000 or more.

 V-bank air filter construction separator corrugated aluminum foil separator or paper separator can accurately maintain the pleat spacing. Under the minimum resistance, the filter material can be used to the utmost. In the corrosive environment, the vinyl separator can be used, and the edge of the separator can be folded to prevent the filter material from being damaged. The thickness of the aluminum foil is 0.03mm and the corrugation height is 4mm, which can fully guarantee the filtration. The area of ​​the material and the light weight of the filter.

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