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Select air filter according to cleanliness standards


In the working condition of the air filter, the air filtration at the end of the purification system determines the cleanliness of the air supply. The air filters at the front end only protect the air filter at the end, in order to extend the air filter at the end. The service life of the device, then when selecting the air filter, it must be fully considered, according to the specific circumstances to choose the appropriate filter, the selection skills are as follows:

1. Determine the efficiency of the air filter according to the cleanliness requirements, and select the combined number and efficiency of the air filter. If the indoor requirements for purification, the primary filter can be used. If the indoor requirements are moderately efficient, the primary air filter and the medium efficiency bag filter two-stage filter should be used, but if the indoor requirements are ultra-clean, the initial should be used. , medium and high-efficiency three-stage purification filtration, and reasonably match the efficiency between the filters at each level. If the efficiency of the adjacent two-stage filter is too different, the front air filter will not protect the rear air filter. effect.

2. Measure the dust content and dust particle characteristics of the outdoor air. Since the air filter is used to purify the outdoor air before being sent into the room, the dust content of the outdoor air is a very important data. In particular, multi-stage purification and filtration treatment, when selecting the pre-filter, it is necessary to consider the factors such as the use environment, spare parts cost, operation energy consumption, maintenance and supply.

3. Air filter features. The air filter is mainly characterized by filtration efficiency, resistance, penetration rate, dust holding capacity, filtration wind speed and treatment air volume. When conditions permit, filters with high efficiency, low resistance, large dust holding capacity, moderate filtering wind speed, large processing air volume, convenient manufacturing and installation, and low price should be used. This is an economic analysis that takes into account the initial investment and secondary investment and energy efficiency ratio when selecting air filters.

4. The nature of dusty gases. The nature of the dust-containing gas associated with the selection of the air filter is mainly the temperature, humidity, acid and alkali, and the amount of organic solvent. Because some filters are allowed to be used at high temperatures, some filters can only work at normal temperature and humidity, and the amount of acid and alkali and organic solvent containing dust gas have an effect on the performance efficiency of the air filter.

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