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How to deal with scrap pre-filter media


Pre-filter media is divided into: non-woven fabric, synthetic fiber filter cotton, glass fiber filter cotton, activated carbon cotton, high temperature filter cotton, etc. according to the difference of materials. It mainly filters dust particles in the air. Since different filter cotton materials are used after treatment, it is a problem to be considered:

First, we need to check if the pre-filter media is washable. If it is a washable filter, you can continue to use it. If not, just throw the filter or throw it away.

Why is pre-filter media scrapped?

Because the pre-filter media will accumulate dust with the use of it, the resistance will also increase. When there is too much dust, the resistance will be too high, resulting in the efficiency of the air filter cotton not meeting the standard.

How to deal with scrapped pre-filter media?

1. Because the material of the filter cotton belongs to polyester fiber, it is incinerated without any harmful substances.

2.can be thrown away after scrapping, because pre-filter media is an environmentally friendly product.

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