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Pleat hepa filter paper partition and aluminum partition


Pleat hepa filter can be divided into paper separator and aluminum separator. Its filter material is made of ultra-fine glass fiber and coated with offset paper or aluminum foil. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low resistance and large air volume.

The difference between hepa filter paper separator and aluminum separator

At present, double-sided stencil coated paper is used as a partitioning plate, in order to prevent the partitioning plate from being shrunk by the influence of cold and heat, thereby dispersing particles. However, when the temperature and humidity change, the separator paper may have larger particles, which leads to the unqualified cleanliness test of the clean house. It is suitable for low-level non-unidirectional flow projects and various purification equipment and clean workshops.

In the pleat hepa filter, the aluminum separator hepa filter is mainly used in high temperature or high humidity environment, and the paper separator hepa filter is used in ordinary clean environment. The pleat hepa filter has a relatively large air volume, and the efficiency can only be achieved with high efficiency. It can be used as high temperature resistant filtration, and there is no strict requirement for the filter material.

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