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How to judge the hepa filter to be replaced?


First, when doing environmental testing, it was found that the suspended particles in the room were obviously high. After other reasons were excluded, the diffuser plate of the high-efficiency air supply port was removed, and the surface of the air supply port was damaged, and there was a black ash mark. Under this phenomenon, the hepa filter Cannot be used, replace the new air filter in time. If there is no obvious damage to the filter, measure the air supply volume of each air supply port with the air outlet of the air volume cover, and the air supply volume will be large and replaced.

Second, if there is no abnormality in other air filters, if the air supply volume of the room air outlet is less than half of the standard air supply volume, the filter is blocked and the blocked hepa filter should be replaced.

The clean room has strict regulations on the humidity, temperature, fresh air volume, state, and illumination of the environment to ensure the production quality of the product and the comfort of the working environment. The entire clean room system is equipped with an air purification system using a three-stage filter with initial effect, medium efficiency and hepa filter to control the number of dust particles in the clean area and the number of settled bacteria and floating bacteria. As the end filter device hepa filter determines The operation of the entire purification system, so it is very important to grasp the replacement time of the hepa filter.

As the life cycle increases, dust and bacteria accumulate in the filter, resulting in an increase in the pressure loss of the high efficiency filter. Long-term operation in a poor air environment can cause frequent replacement of the hepa filter. During the operation of the equipment, if the equipment emits an audible and visual alarm and is caused by a low flow rate or a low flow rate of the inflow airflow (see the display window respectively indicating that the value is lower than the design requirement), the filter plugging is very serious, and the fan speed has reached the maximum. Value, the system can not reach the specified wind speed value anyway, the filter must be replaced.

Check the cumulative running time of the fan on the control panel. If it reaches 10000 hours, it is usually necessary to replace the filter, but it is not necessary to replace it. Also consider the cleanliness of the environment, usage habits, etc. It is recommended to use a method to determine whether the filter needs to be replaced.

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