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Structural features of the bag filter


The bag filters adopts synthetic fibers with increasing density and toughness. It adopts seamless sintering technology, has good air tightness and bonding strength, and does not cause air leakage or cracking when the wind pressure is high, and unique support in the bag. The design ensures a stable and better filtration effect; the filter material itself is silicone-free and is particularly suitable for use in paint shops. The bag filter has a filter grade of G3~F8, which is mainly used for filtering dust particles above 5μm. It is commonly used for the initial and medium efficiency filtration of air conditioning and ventilation systems. It is also suitable for simple air conditioning and ventilation systems that require only one level of filtration.

Bag filters features:

1. Suitable for various fields of air conditioning applications, pre-filtration of central air conditioning and centralized ventilation systems, pre-filtration of large air compressors, clean return air system, pre-filtration of local high-efficiency filter devices. For air conditioning systems in commercial buildings, warehouses, schools, laboratories, etc., the filter material itself does not contain silicone. It is especially suitable for use in painting workshops, and there is no biologically active filtration.

2. High temperature resistance up to ≤100 °C; strong moisture resistance, can achieve 100% relative humidity moisture resistance;

3. Large dust holding capacity, high efficiency, small pressure drop can effectively remove fine dust (filtration efficiency of ≥5.0μm particles is 40%~60%) and microorganisms;

4, multi-bag type to meet the needs of different air volume;

Bag filters structure

1. The outer frame is made of galvanized iron or aluminum alloy.

2. A metal strip is fixed between each filter bag to increase the strength and prevent the filter bag from rupturing due to the friction of the wind at high wind speed.

3. Each filter bag has six spacers distributed evenly in the width of the bag to prevent the filter bag from over-expanding and mutual shielding when subjected to wind pressure, reducing the effective filtration area and efficiency.

4. Each filter bag is fused by ultrasonic method, which has good air tightness and bonding strength, and does not generate air leakage.

5. It is made by special weaving method, especially for micron dust filtration efficiency, high dust capture rate, high gas permeability and high service life.

6. Form a V-shape to make the airflow more uniform, prevent mutual shielding and reduce efficiency and filtration area.

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