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Filter cotton in the paint room


After the outdoor air is sucked in, it is filtered by the primary filter, the final effect filter and the ceiling filter, and then sent to the paint booth, and the dust contained in the air is retained on the filter bag and the filter cotton. If it is not replaced for a long time, it will not only affect The amount of wind and wind speed entering the paint booth will also cause excessive dust in the wind entering the paint booth, so regular replacement of pre-filter media is a must.

1. When using pre-filter media, ensure the tightness between the filter cotton and the support frame. When using a gasket, check its elasticity. If the elasticity is not good, it should be replaced in time. When removing the old filter cotton, gently handle it to prevent dust from escaping into the air. Then clean the support frame and install the new filter. Dust scattered on the ground should be dusted in time with a vacuum cleaner.

2. The pre-filter media panel of the paint booth should be fixed and sealed. When installing the filter cotton, ensure that the airflow enters from the windward side of the filter cotton and flows out from the wind surface (downwind surface). The filter material used in pre-filter media has a fixed grade density, so the smoother side of the filter material is the wind surface.

3. Always check whether the surrounding of the filter material is well sealed on the frame. Any dust that has not been completely sealed or leaked from the ceiling will filter the dust particles on the outside, inside the air duct, and on the equipment. Crumbs, powder slag, etc. are brought into the paint booth, thus affecting the paint effect of the product.

In the case of moderate production, it is normal to replace the filter cotton in the paint booth every three months, but it still needs to be determined according to the working conditions. In each paint booth, the use of pre-filter media is divided into three stages, namely pre-filtration, ceiling filter and paint splash.

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