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Accurate installation method for dry spray booth


The dry spray booth pre-filter media will reduce the filtration effect of the paint mist after a period of work. When it reaches the application life, it needs to change the new dry spray booth pre-filter media. Dry spray booth pre-filter media is an important part of ensuring the work, coherent to the quality of painting and baking.

The following is a detailed description of the accurate installation of dry spray booth filter cotton:

(1) Before replacing the pre-filter media of the dry spray booth, first remove the air inlet, ceiling and floor filter, and clear and rectify the ventilation ducts, dead corners and other places.

(2) Then open the dry spray booth door, start the fan blow for 1-3 minutes or more, and then clean the pre-filter media. When pre-filter media is installed, the filter material and structure must be flattened, and the adjacent filter is evenly distributed. Install the filter cotton structure adjacent to the sealant, and then install the ceiling filter and pre-filter media.


(3) After loading, start the fan to blow for more than 15 minutes, then clean it once and install the paint stop before applying. Failure to change the dry spray booth pre-filter media in a timely manner will affect the working conditions. When the working atmosphere is unqualified, the paint quality will be reduced, and the paint surface will show particles, which will affect the quality and appearance of the paint.

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