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Filter device in paint booth


In the paint room, in order to ensure the quality of the paint, it is necessary to install a filter device, such as pre-filter media to filter the dust entering the paint booth, and let the ventilation system in the paint booth bless enough ventilation speed to ensure the room temperature. The cleanliness of the air. However, many times the human body of the paint body is caused by the human factors, such as the vehicle to be painted has not been thoroughly cleaned into the paint booth, or the painter is not wearing special protective clothing, or the paint room is not clean.

First, the painting process:

1. Turn on the main switch and turn on the indoor light.

2. The car is ready for painting and the paint button is activated.

3. Press the paint temperature button.

4. Check the temperature of the paint booth and adjust the temperature specified by the painting process at any time according to the weather changes.

5. When the temperature is lower than 20 degrees, you can use the paint room temperature button to adjust the temperature according to your own level and turn on the fuel switch.

6. When the temperature is higher than the average temperature of the paint, the painter should adjust the paint ratio and achieve the best results according to the needs.

7. After the painting is completed, remove the unnecessary items in the paint room, turn off the lights, and turn off the main switch when no paint is needed.

Second, the baking process:

1. After painting is finished, press the stop button to turn off the light.

2. Open the paint running switch and then open the time switch.

3. Press the paint button to adjust the temperature required for baking.

4. Rotate the time button to adjust to the desired time. A T stands for 20 minutes.

5. After a few seconds, the paint booth will start automatically, and the painter will leave after burning.

6, the paint room running switch, time switch, paint button back to the paint state, launch the car, turn off the main switch.

In short, in order to ensure the quality of the paint spray, the maintenance of the environment inside the paint room and strict operating specifications are very necessary.

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