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Low cost quality replacement air filter


The air filter is the key component to maintain the cleanliness of the clean room. The three filters (primary filter, medium effect bag filter, hepa filter) are the threshold for safeguarding the quality of clean room products. How to reduce the cost? Guarantee clean room cleanliness?

Generally, the primary effect filter has to be replaced every three months or so. The medium efficiency air filter is replaced once every 6 months, and the hepa filter is replaced once in about 1 year, so the replacement cost is relatively high and the air filter is an industrial consumable. .

It is best to change the primary filter frequently, because the price of the primary filter is relatively cheap. The initial filter is designed to prevent too much dust and affect the service life of the medium filter and hepa filter. The medium efficiency filter should use the differential pressure gauge to monitor the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet sides. It is best to have an alarm device. When the final resistance is reached, the alarm will be reminded to replace the medium efficiency filter.

Washable air filter can also be used when replacing the primary filter. When it is time to replace the filter material inside, the cost is lower than the price of re-doing an air filter, but some cannot be replaced. It depends on the structure.

In order to protect the hepa filter and ensure the safe operation of the clean room, many owners will change the initial effect every month, and replace the medium effect and the sub-efficiency every 3 months (or use the high-efficiency protection filter at the end of the wind cabinet mentioned above). It can guarantee the service life of hepa filter for 5 years (or even 10 years), and because the resistance of the new filter after replacement is small, the air conditioning load is greatly reduced, and the cost of filter replacement is much less than the electricity cost required for air conditioning operation, and the front stage is frequently replaced. The pre-filter actually operates the air conditioner under low-resistance loads, saving a lot of electricity.


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