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Daily maintenance of the paint room


First, daily maintenance

1. Clean the walls, glass and platform base in the room every day to avoid accumulation of dust and paint dust.

2, clean the air into the dust net every week. If the air pressure in the room increases without any reason, the exhaust air filter must be replaced.

3. Clean the water tray every month and clean the diesel filter on the burner.

4. Check whether the drive belts of the intake and exhaust motors are slack every quarter.

5. Clean the entire spray booth and floor net every half year, check the circulation damper, check the exhaust passage of the burner, and clean the deposits in the tank.

6. The entire thermal energy converter should be cleaned every year, including the combustion chamber and the exhaust passage.

7. The primary diesel filter generally needs to be removed for cleaning for 100 hours, and its filter element is replaced for 200 hours; the secondary filter is generally removed and cleaned for 200 hours.

8, nozzle maintenance, use about 300 hours, if you find that the flame is very small and smoke, please remove it and clean it. Do not wash and wash frequently under normal conditions.

Second, the air filter system replacement

1. Intake filter media and paint stop are generally used for 100 hours or 30-35 vehicles for cleaning and cleaning.

2, ceiling filter is generally used for about 400 hours or 100-150 vehicles to check once, vacuum cleaning or replacement. If the thick fog is not found when painting, the ceiling filter will need to be replaced.

3, activated carbon is generally painted continuously for about 100 hours or 70-80 vehicles with large spray paint for replacement.

4. The replaced paint-containing waste and waste paint slag are stored at the designated hazardous waste storage point of the factory, and are disposed of by the factory with the qualified company.

Third, the technical requirements of each system

1. The sending and exhausting system sending and exhausting motor casings and blades should be cleaned regularly, and no paint or dirt should be accumulated. All paths through the paint in the duct should be cleaned regularly.

2. The connecting parts of the oil circuit and gas path of the heating system of the heating system should be connected reliably and firmly, and there should be no leakage or seepage. The heat exchanger should not leak, open, perforate or deform. The surface of the heat exchanger should be free of paint.

3. All cables of lighting system motor, lighting circuit, etc. should be free of aging.

4, safety protection requirements spray paint room should have a permanent safe operation and maintenance of the text mark, and installed in a prominent position.

Fourth, repair

1. Repair personnel must be trained and have the appropriate capabilities. If it is a large repair of the paint booth, it needs to be done by professional manufacturers. Do not disassemble, repair or modify the spray booth.

2. The key components used for repair and replacement shall meet the requirements of relevant standards and be purchased as much as possible in the original manufacturer.

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