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Wind speed calculation of filter cotton filter


There are many types of filter materials for filtering cotton in the filtration industry, such as polyester fiber, glass fiber, activated carbon and the like. Among them, the most used polyester fiber filter material, polyester fiber is suitable for use in various ventilation systems. The glass fiber filter cotton is a high temperature resistant material, generally used in a high temperature environment, and the activated carbon filter cotton is used to remove odor and purify the air.

Filter cotton is divided into primary filter cotton and medium effect filter cotton. The wind speed of 15mm thick primary filter cotton is generally 3m/s, and the wind speed of 20mm thick primary filter cotton is generally 1.5/s-1m/s; 22mm The thick medium-effect filter cotton, such as the ceiling of the paint booth, has a wind speed of 0.25 m/s.

How is the wind speed of the air filter cotton calculated?


A is the area of air filtration, calculated in m2;

L is the air volume, and the unit is calculated as m3/h;

V is the wind speed and the unit is calculated in m/s;

3600 means 3600 seconds.

Under normal circumstances, the effect of wind speed on air filter cotton and air filter is that the slower the wind speed, the better the effect of the filter cotton filter, and the smaller particle dust is more easily captured by the filter cotton filter. However, most people think that the higher the wind speed, the higher the air filtration efficiency. In fact, the opposite is true, the smaller the wind speed, the higher the air efficiency.

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