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Replacement cycle and method of ceiling filter in paint booth


The first thing to say is the service life of the ceiling cotton in the paint booth. The ceiling cotton for the paint booth has good quality and quality. The good quality ceiling filter is 600G, and its thickness is about 22mm. Moderately not very dense and not very fluffy, the general manufacturers can not master this formula, either very thick and very fluffy, or very dense and very sticky, these are imitators, without their own technical formula in it.

The 22mm medium density air filter ensures both breathability and just the required filtration accuracy. This filter is best for customers with high filtration accuracy and resistance requirements. However, some customers who do not use too much filter cotton are recommended to use 560G surface rubber ceiling filter. This is 22mm thick. It is more fluffy and has less resistance. It is suitable for customers who have low requirements on air filtration accuracy, but have high air volume requirements and low resistance. Therefore, sometimes the model should be selected according to the actual situation of the customer. The initial filter cotton at the air inlet is recommended to be replaced once a month. This cotton is cheaper and often replaced, which can extend the service life of the ceiling filter cotton. The general filter cotton life is when its resistance reaches the highest filtration accuracy and it is scrapped.

How should the filter cotton in the paint booth be replaced? The paint room filter cotton is widely used in various paint booths and painting production lines, and is one of the important products in the paint room purification system. With the extension of the use time, in order to ensure the normal use of the filter cotton in the paint room, the filter cotton in the paint room should be replaced regularly. The following Jielin purification will introduce the replacement process of the filter cotton in the paint room. The specific replacement process is as follows:

one. When replacing the ceiling cotton, first remove the air inlet, ceiling and floor filter, and clean the ventilation ducts, dark corners and dusty areas.

Second, then close the paint door, open the fan air blow for about hours, after cleaning, then install the filter cotton. When installing the filter cotton, the filter material and the frame and the periphery should not leave any gap, install the filter cotton frame around the sealant Then, the ceiling filter cotton and the air inlet filter cotton are installed on the grill.

Third, turn on the fan for a few hours, then after cleaning the paint room, install the paint mat, so that the effect is better.

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