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Choose to replace the paint room filter cotton strategy


The ceiling filter in the paint room is the ceiling cotton of the paint room, the filter cotton for the air inlet, and the filter cotton for the paint spray. They are used in the top of the paint booth, the air inlet and the ground respectively. The long-term filter cotton will accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, thus affecting The effect of painting and baking paint.

In the paint room, the most important thing is the paint room filter cotton. It is a way to remove the dust from the outdoor fresh air through the air inlet filter and then enter the room through the ceiling cotton of the paint room, and then use the paint mist filter cotton to remove the room. The paint is adsorbed, so the effect of the filter cotton in the paint booth is very large.

How long does it take to change the normal use of filter cotton in the paint room?

How often the filter cotton is changed, first consider the environment

1. The environment in which the paint booth is located is dusty and windy. It is recommended to check it once every 2 months and replace it in 3-6 months, depending on the environment.

2, the environment is good, if there is less dust, choose a good quality filter cotton, can be used in about 1 year.

3. Before each use, first clean the interior of the paint booth, open the fan and blow it for 5 minutes, then install the top cotton and the air inlet cotton.

4. After installation, turn on the fan and blow water for 15 minutes, then clean the inside of the barn and install the cotton.

Which kind of filter cotton is used in the paint room?

1. The air inlet cotton can be selected from 10mm, 15mm and 20mm.

2, the ceiling cotton of the paint room has 560G, 600G, the same thickness specifications, different filtration effects.

3, paint mist filter cotton is available in 60mm, 100mm

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