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Installation requirements for air showers


The air shower is used to kill bacteria by ultraviolet rays. The disinfection and sterilization process can be completed without waiting for a long time during the blowing. However, the direct contact of the ultraviolet light on the surface of the skin can cause harm to the human body, so it enters the air shower. Before you wear protective clothing, you can achieve safe operation.

The air shower room installed and used by the production unit can realize the purpose of automatic operation. It is also very convenient when installing and using the air shower room. However, in order to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the system, the staff should regularly on the various technologies of the air shower room. Check it, if it is found that there is a problem of hidden danger, it can be repaired in time.

In addition, during the installation and use of the air shower, the air filter should be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure stable and efficient operation of the equipment.

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