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HEPA filter and electrostatic dust collection


HEPA filter is a high-efficiency filter material commonly used for air pollution. It is made up of special fibers. According to different levels, the filtration efficiency of bacteria with a diameter of 0.3 micron can reach 97%-99%. The size is generally 0.5~5μm, but the pore size of the HEPA filter will inevitably be greatly resisted in the purification. The equipment needs to be equipped with a motor with higher power to overcome the resistance, so the purifier equipment may be larger. The mute control will be more difficult.

HEPA filter is purified by adsorbing particles. Therefore, after using for a period of time, when the dust holding rate is saturated, it needs to be replaced. If the replacement is not timely, it will easily cause secondary pollution in the indoor environment. Replace it in about 6 months.

The advantages of electrostatic dust collection Compared with HEPA, the equipment has low resistance, no consumables and long service life. However, because it is powered by high voltage, the dust is charged, and it is difficult to avoid the risk of ozone in the process. It is understood that ozone is actually The electrostatic precipitator that can be controlled for this problem is optimized for the dust collecting plate spacing, expanding the ionization field, rapidly capturing the particles in the air, the unique dual voltage technology, and the aluminum honeycomb ozonolysis network. Ozone control is near zero.

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