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Three-layer filtration in the fresh air system


The function of the fresh air system, in addition to ventilation, its most important function is to filter the pollutants in the air, so the filter of the fresh air system is the most important part of the whole system. According to the grade, principle and material, the filter type of the fresh air system can be divided as follows:

The general fresh air system filter can be divided into three levels, namely the primary effect filter, the medium effect filter and the high efficiency filter.

1. Primary effect filter: filter large particles of dust and insects outside the room.

2. Medium-effect filter: filter small particles such as outdoor pollen.

3. High-efficiency filter: HEPA filter can filter most dust above 0.3 microns.

In the fresh air system, the primary, intermediate and high efficiency filters are generally not used alone, but in combination with two or three. A fresh air system with more than two layers of filters is installed for better filtration.

At present, the most common filtering principles are divided into two types, one is physical filtration and the other is electrostatic filtration.

1. Physical filtration: Filter materials are common from G1 to H13. The higher the level, the greater the wind resistance. The more thorough the filtration, the more expensive the price.

2. Electrostatic dust collection: PM2.5 has good filtering effect and small wind resistance, so it is not necessary to change the filter frequently. The disadvantage is that ozone is inevitably produced, and when the ozone reaches a certain level, it is harmful to the body. Therefore, the requirements for the amount of ozone generated by electrostatic dust collection must be strict, and it is necessary to select products that meet the national standards and quality.

At present, the most used in the fresh air system is the physical filtration method, and the filter network needs to be replaced regularly, otherwise it will not achieve a good filtering effect. The electrostatic dust collection method is in the stage of popularization. Some large manufacturers have developed or are developing related functions. It is expected that this type of filtration will be widely used in recent years.

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