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Market prospects of air filters in China


In recent years, China's air-conditioning output has also grown rapidly. According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, China's air-conditioning output reached 132.81 million units in 2012. The average annual compound growth rate of room air-conditioning production in the past decade has reached 15.53%. The annual output has been stable at more than 80% of the world's annual output.

The increase in air-conditioning output has led to a corresponding increase in the market size of air-conditioning filters. With the decline of urban air quality and the increase of indoor air pollution sources in recent years, indoor air quality has received increasing attention. At present, major air-conditioning manufacturers have introduced air conditioners with indoor air purification, such as formaldehyde removal and negative ion release. The air purification function of air conditioners mainly depends on the selection of air-conditioning filter nets, so the demand for air-conditioning filters with air purification functions is required. Will be greatly improved.

Air filters and air conditioning filters can be widely used in household and commercial appliances, automobiles, trains, aerospace, aviation, electronics, pharmaceuticals, bioengineering, etc. In recent years, with the rapid development of the above industries, the demand for air filters It is also increasing day by day. Thanks to the rapid development of the downstream application industry and the rapid growth of disposable income of residents, China's air filter market continues to expand.

At present, air filters and air conditioning filters are mainly used in household and commercial appliances, including air conditioners and air purifiers. Air conditioning is an important application direction of air filters. The technological progress of the air-conditioning industry, the improvement of the consumption level of the residents, the growth of the population, the advancement of the urbanization process and the warming of the climate have contributed to the sound development of the air-conditioning industry in recent years.

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