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The purpose and function of the air filter


The air filter is a filter that is used to separate dust and prevent the evaporator inside from being clogged with dust. The gas that is blown out is the air that can reduce the discharge of solid impurities of the particles. What is the difference between the different air filters?

1, primary air filter

Uses: Primary filtration of filter sections in fresh air handling equipment or fresh air systems.

Features: The filter material can be replaced by itself, and the initial effect of the paper frame is one-time.

2, folding medium efficiency air filter

Uses: Filtration of ventilation systems. General air purification in the fields of electronics, pharmaceuticals, mechanical instrumentation, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, light industry, food, etc.

Features: high efficiency, large dust holding capacity and small footprint.

3, bag type medium efficiency air filter

Uses: Central air conditioning centralized ventilation system, or as a pre-filter for high-efficiency filters, it can reduce the burden of high-efficiency filters, extend their service life, and can also be used for general air purification in the industrial field.

Features: low resistance and large dust holding capacity.

4, activated carbon filter

Uses: Effectively remove odors, volatiles, bacteria, viruses and various airborne pollutants such as paint sprays, smoke, common pollutants in electronics factories and museums, and odors in food processing plants and hospitals.

Features: Highly developed microporous structure, high adsorption capacity, fast absorption and desorption, good purification effect. The use of activated carbon filtration must have pre-stage filtration, otherwise the efficiency of activated carbon will be reduced due to other pollutants in the air.

5, nylon mesh air filter

Uses: Ventilation and air conditioning systems with low air quality requirements, or places with harsh surrounding environment and high dust as primary pre-filtration.

Features: low resistance, easy to clean, easy to maintain.

6, sub-efficient air filter

Uses: All kinds of clean engineering and special-purpose central air conditioning and process air supply system for end filtration or clean room filtration.

Features: high filtration efficiency, low resistance and large dust holding capacity.

7, high efficiency air filter

Uses: Clean air conditioning system, high cleanliness environment.

Features: high efficiency and low resistance.

8, high air volume high efficiency filter

Uses: air conditioning box end high performance filter.

Features: high filtration efficiency, large air volume and large dust holding capacity.

9, aluminum mesh plate air filter

Uses: Ventilation and air conditioning systems with low air quality requirements, or places with harsh surrounding environment, dust and grease are used as primary pre-filtration.

Features: Durable and easy to clean.

10, high efficiency air filter air supply port

Uses: Suitable for clean rooms of various cleanliness levels and various ceiling structures in non-laminar flow.

Features: reliable performance, easy installation and disassembly, and easy maintenance.

11. High efficiency air filter unit with fan

Uses: Suitable for hospital aseptic operating room and electronics, biology, medicine, food and other manufacturing fields.

Features: Hanging under the floor, the cleaning effect can reach 10,000 or 100,000 or 100,000, saving space in the machine room, suitable for local purification, especially in the environment where the food industry often needs to wash the floor.


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