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The role and process of Pre-filter media


Pre-filter media is economical, safe and environmentally friendly, easy to use. Pre-filter media is mainly used for pre-filtration of purification systems. It is the most commonly used in air purification filtration. It uses the most common filter materials to filter ≥5μm particles in the atmosphere. Mainly suspended and suspended.

The role of pre-filter media

Under the condition of rated air volume, it can be used normally for 1~2 months, only need to replace the filter cotton; or when the resistance of the filter cotton reaches 200Pa or more, the filter cotton must be replaced; if the filter cotton is washable, replace the filter. It can be washed with water or a solution containing neutral detergent, blown dry with compressed air or dried, and then replaced; at most it can be washed twice, that is, new filter cotton must be replaced, and the filtration efficiency will be reduced every time it is washed. 15%; if the dust concentration in the environment is large, the life cycle will be reduced.

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Pre-filter media production process

The production process of the tuyere cotton: formulate according to the requirements of the customer, including the ratio of the fiber and the weight of the weight and the calculation of the loss. Preparation of raw materials The cotton is transported by the conveyor belt of the machine to the carding machine for 2 times of combing and then enters the next process. The cotton spun machine evenly spreads the filter cotton layer by layer on the conveyor belt. It is necessary to pay attention to the strict requirement that the filter cotton be evenly laid. Then, when the hot air is shaped into the drying device, the air filter cotton is dried at a high temperature, and the fibers and the fibers are closely connected. Finally, it is cut into rolls, and the primary filter cotton formed by hot air is made into hot air cotton.

Needle-punched cotton production process: Repeated puncture of the web by using a triangular section (or other section) with a barbed barb. When the barbs pass through the web, the surface of the web and the local inner layer fibers are forced into the interior of the web. The original fluffy web is compressed due to the friction between the fibers. When the lancet exits the web, the bundle of punctured fibers leaves the barb and remains in the web, so that many of the bundles entangle the web so that it cannot be restored to its original fluffy state. After many times of needling, a considerable number of fiber bundles are pierced into the web to entangle the fibers in the web to form a needled nonwoven having a certain strength and thickness.

Scope of pre-filter media

Suitable for various industrial applications: such as spraying industry, electroplating industry, surface treatment, waste gas treatment, building ventilation, pollution prevention, public construction, air conditioning industry, home appliance industry, automobile industry, motorcycle manufacturing, electronics industry, watch industry, pharmaceutical factory , food industry, packaging materials, furniture industry, decoration engineering, etc. It is very widely used.

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