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How to maintain the air filter?


        Air filter refers to air filter device, generally used in clean workshops, clean workshops, clean operating rooms, laboratories and clean rooms, or for dust prevention of electromechanical communication equipment. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, machinery, light industry, textile, automobile manufacturing, electronics, food, medicine, biochemistry, national defense, scientific research and other industries and sectors that require compressed air purification.

The air filter is a filter that is used to separate dust and prevent the evaporator inside from being clogged with dust. The gas that is blown out is the air that can reduce the discharge of solid impurities of the particles.

Air filters are used in the automotive industry and hospitals to effectively clean the air, help the high-efficiency use of the car, and contribute to the safe and hygienic environment of the hospital. However, people always neglect the maintenance and cleaning process of the air filter. After the air filter filters out the excess material, it will not be cleaned up in time, which will affect the normal use of the equipment, which will directly lead to poor filtering effect. Pay more attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the air filter.

The cleanliness of the air filter is critical and affects the life of the filter. Therefore, we must pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance of the filter, so that it can accompany us for a long time. So how do we maintain the air filter?

First, for the cleanliness of the filter, regular replacement (filter is generally 2 to 7 months);

Second, have you heard of the dust particle counter? Generally we can use it to detect the cleanliness in the cleanliness area. When the measured cleanliness does not meet the specifications in its requirements, we need to investigate the cause in time. If the filter fails, we are asked to replace it with a new one;

Third, when replacing the new filter, we need to turn off the filter before proceeding;

4. Pull the hook on the air filter to pull the device diagonally downward;

5. Open the suction grille in the device and press the buttons on both sides to pull down gently;

6. Remove the dust inside with a device like a vacuum cleaner, or rinse with warm water;

7. When cleaning with warm water, we must take care not to wash with hot water above 45 °C to prevent the device from appearing color and deformation, and can not be baked on the fire;

8. When we encounter more dust, we can use a soft brush and a neutral detergent to clean. After cleaning, pay attention to dry the water or put it in a cool place.

9. After the cleaning is finished, we must install the equipment in time. When installing, hang the equipment on the protruding part of the upper part of the suction grille and fix it, and slow the back of the suction grille inward. Slide slowly until the entire device is pushed into the grille;

Ten, the next step is to close the suction grille. The steps here are just the opposite of the front opening. Press and hold the filter signal reset button on the control panel. At this time, the cleaning reminder will disappear.

11. It is also important to note that when there is more dust in the environment used by the air filter, the number of cleanings should be increased depending on the situation. It is generally appropriate to clean it once every six months.



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