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Product characteristics of bag type primary filter


The bag type primary effect filter adopts synthetic fiber with increasing density and toughness, adopts high-performance hot-melt processing technology, and the filter bag adopts the seaming process. Each group of bags has a positioning air duct, which has good air tightness and The combined strength effectively reduces the risk of air leakage or rupture when the wind pressure is high, and the unique support design in the bag ensures stability and ensures the filtration effect; the filter material itself does not contain silicone and is especially suitable for use in the paint shop. It is the product characteristics and production process of clean-link bag filter.

The clean-link bag type primary filter can effectively remove dust particles of ≥5.0μm, the filtration efficiency is 40%~60%, and the multi-bag type can meet different air volume requirements. The bag type primary effect filter is widely used in the coating industry. In the paint shop, the front filtration and air conditioning applications, such as commercial buildings, warehouses, schools, laboratories and other places of air conditioning systems.

The bag filter has large effective filtering area, large dust holding capacity, small resistance and large ventilation. The frame and the support frame can be reused. When the filter is replaced, only the filter bag needs to be replaced, which is convenient and quick, and greatly reduces the running cost.

How often does the bag filter need to be changed?

The bag filter needs to be replaced once every three to four months under the rated air volume usage conditions or when the resistance of the filter reaches 400 Pa or more, the filter must be replaced if the filter material used in the bag filter is washable. It can be rinsed, dried, or replaced with a solution containing water or a neutral detergent. This cleaning is allowed up to two times, and it must be replaced with a new one. If the dust content of the environment is used, The life cycle will also be shortened.

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