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How many dust particles can be filtered by the initial, medium and high efficiency filter cotton?


The main function of air filter cotton is to filter dust particles in the air. We can distinguish air filter cotton as: non-woven filter cotton, synthetic fiber filter cotton, activated carbon filter cotton, synthetic fiber high temperature filter cotton. According to the international (GB/T14295), the filtering registration can be divided into: initial effect, medium efficiency and high efficiency. According to the European standard, it can be divided into: G1, G2, G3, G4, F5, F6, F7, F8.

How much dust particles can be filtered as primary filter cotton, medium-effect filter cotton, and high-efficiency filter cotton?

The primary filter cotton mainly filters dust particles larger than 5um. The primary filter cotton is generally used for ventilation equipment and the air intake of the air control system as a place for direct or outdoor air contact such as pre-filtration or coarse filtration.

Medium-effect filter cotton mainly filters dust particles larger than 1um, which is generally used as secondary filtration or ultimate filtration after initial filtration.

High-efficiency filter cotton is the last filter level in the filtration level. It mainly filters dust particles larger than 0.3um. It is currently used in hospitals or in laboratories and clean rooms, where it is used in more demanding places.

Air filter cotton filter material has three characteristics: surface viscosity, full viscosity, dryness. The product can also be used in combination with a frame, which is made into a plate filter screen, a folding filter, a bag filter, and a high-performance hot-melt nonwoven fabric composed of a fracture-resistant organic synthetic fiber.

Wide range of air filter cotton

Air filter cotton is suitable for air filtration system pre-filtration, painting system, paint shop pre-filter air conditioning system return air filter, etc.; can also be used for various industrial purposes, such as pollution prevention, air conditioning industry, industrial waste gas, processing fog, etc.; The air filter cotton filter can be processed into a plate filter, a bag filter or a folding filter according to the style required by the customer.

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