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The use of filter cotton in furniture spray booths


The filter system of the air purification system of the paint room adopts two filter layers. The coarse filter layer can effectively capture dust particles with a diameter of 5~10um. The high-precision filter layer has a multi-layer structure and can effectively capture dust particles with a diameter of 0.3um. The whole filtration system has large dust holding capacity, small resistance, long service life and filtration efficiency of over 98%. The fresh air enters the painting work area from the front of the spray booth. When the paint is sprayed, the airflow evenly surrounds the workpiece. The wind speed of the cross section of the work area is 0.5-0.9m/s, so that the spray mist of the overspray does not splash, and the paint shop forms a negative pressure state. The spray fog does not fly outside the spray booth.

Working principle of furniture spray booth When painting, the external air is filtered by the air inlet and then sent to the static pressure chamber of the paint chamber by the blower. After the secondary filter through the roof filter, it flows into the working space of the paint room. The air flow is from top to bottom. A wind curtain is formed in the vicinity of the workpiece. At this time, there is a wind speed in the paint room, and the paint mist generated by the paint is difficult to stay at the operator's breathing zone, and the airflow rapidly drops with the airflow and is filtered by the exhaust air passage.

When the furniture spray booth is working, the outside air is filtered by the pre-filter media of the air inlet, and then sent to the room by the blower, and then filtered by the roof filter to flow into the working space of the paint booth, and the airflow forms a pressure difference from top to bottom. The paint mist generated by the spray paint will be discharged by the air outlet after being filtered by the paint stop. From the above point of view, the ventilation filter system of the paint booth is mainly divided into three filters, each of which plays a different role, and the filter cotton used is different.

The pre-filter media acts primarily as a primary filter, blocking large dust particles and particles from the outside and feeding fresh air into the second filter. The roof filter is the second filter of the paint booth. The air is filtered by the roof filter and sent to the working chamber by the blower, forcing the air in the work chamber to form a positive pressure, ensuring the effective discharge of the paint smell in the paint booth, and uniformly diffusing the filtered air. , forming a laminar flow state to achieve the best spray effect. Paint stop Because it is laid under the grille at the bottom of the paint booth, the main function of the paint stop is to filter the excess paint mist in the air, reduce the paint content and odor in the air, and reduce the pollution discharged into the air. The paint stop is paint. The last filter of the room.

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