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Use of air conditioning filter and use place


When in use, the air filter can effectively absorb some oil molecules in the air, or dust molecules, to ensure the quality of the air entering our side.

Air filter function 1: intercept

The dust particles in the air move with inertial motion or random Brownian motion of the airflow or by some field force. When the particle motion hits other objects, the van der Waals force between the objects causes the particles to adhere to the fiber surface. The dust entering the filter medium has more chances of hitting the medium, and it will be stuck when hitting the medium.

Air filter function 2: electrostatic action

For some reason, fibers and particles may be charged, creating an electrostatic effect. The filtering effect of the electrostatically charged filter material can be significantly improved. Cause: Static electricity causes the dust to change its trajectory and hit an obstacle. Static electricity makes the dust stick more firmly on the medium.

Air filter function three: filter material

In fact, the air conditioning filter is to filter the solid matter in the air, such as iron filings or sand, but these materials will damage the piston sealing ring, block the small vent hole on the component, shorten the service life of the component or make Invalid. The function of the air filter is to separate the liquid water and liquid oil droplets in the compressed air, and to filter out dust and solid impurities in the air, but not to remove the gaseous water and oil.

What place is it generally used for?

1. New air blower unit and ventilation system of central air conditioner;

2. The program controls the switch and the computer room dedicated constant temperature and humidity air conditioning unit;

3. Pre-filtration system for pre-filter air compressor and gas turbine in painting system and painting workshop;

4. Pre-filtration system for high efficiency filters;

5. Pre-filtration of the weighing and ventilation system in office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, and general industrial plants or clean rooms.

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