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Product features of clean-link paper frame air filter


To achieve the standard of air cleanliness is the main purpose of using air filters. The principle of air filters is to absorb and capture dust particles of different particle sizes in the air, so as to purify the air and improve the air quality.

What are the product features of Jielin paper frame air filter?

The paper frame primary air filter is a disposable air filter which is widely used in a pre-filtering environment due to its low initial resistance, high dust holding capacity and low cost of use.

Where is the clean-link paper frame air filter suitable for?

1. Most commonly used in constant temperature and humidity air conditioners for program-controlled switches and computer rooms, as well as for central fresh air units and ventilation systems.

2.paper frame air filter low cost, coarse dust filtration, air filtration system pre-filtration; a large number of large-scale civil building ventilation and air-conditioning systems in office buildings, conference rooms, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, etc. Pre-filtration of air conditioning systems.

Paper frame air filter structure?

The design of clean-link paper frame air filter is mostly flat type, the filter frame is made of cardboard, and the filter material is all white synthetic fiber filter material.

The paper frame air filter is made of non-woven fabric, glass fiberboard and other filter materials. It is folded into a high-strength mold and cardboard, which increases the windward area and effectively uses the filter material to block dust particles in the air.

Paper frame air filter

1. Primary filter is used to filter dust particles above 5μm

2. The resistance is small, the air volume is large, the service life is long, and the outer frame structure is firm and stable, so that the filter is not deformed or damaged under the poor environment.

3. The filter material is made of high-quality polyester synthetic fiber, fluffy and dense fiber structure, which ensures high dust collection rate, better protects the filter at the rear end and prolongs its service life.

4, low initial resistance, large dust holding capacity, sturdy, the use of this filter does not need to change the original air conditioning box design, the efficiency is better than the traditional flat filter, can also extend the life of the high efficiency air filter in the rear section.

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