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The effect of high efficiency filters on clean rooms


With the increasing requirements for air cleaning in modern hospital operating rooms, many operating rooms are now equipped with high-efficiency filters for purification purposes, but there are often problems with bacteria exceeding the standard when the user is operating in the operating room for a while, and Pointing the root of the problem to the high-efficiency filter, now explain to friends the main role of a high-efficiency filter, let friends know that high-efficiency filters are not omnipotent.

Filtration principle of high efficiency air filter:

The dust particles in the air move in inertial motion with the airflow, or move irregularly, or be moved by some field force. When moving dust particles hit the air filter, the attraction between the particles and the high-efficiency filter surface causes it to adhere to the air filter.

The high-efficiency filter can filter dust of 0.3μm in air up to 99.99%. Therefore, the above principle, the high-efficiency air filter only has the function of filtering dust; it does not produce microorganisms, nor does it function to filter microorganisms.

When replacing the high-efficiency air filter, it is best to let the experimenter in use (pre-inquiry about the bacteria used in the experiment). The hand and body are not allowed to operate. The operator must wear a gas mask and rubber gloves. The removed filter should be sealed immediately into the bag and placed in the carton. The used mask and gloves are also treated and burned together. When installing a new filter, do not put your head and body into the device, and behave with great care. In addition to the use of high-efficiency filters to remove bacteria, the exhaust can also achieve this by using an incinerator. The sterilization of exhaust air with UV lamps is absolutely unreliable.

However, half of the bacteria used in the operating room for a period of time may be due to high-efficiency filters, or other management problems. For example, the timing cleaning is not up to standard, and only by replacing the high-efficiency filter. Find the source of the problem.

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