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Filter material for HEPA filter


HEPA high-efficiency filter is mainly composed of ultra-fine polypropylene fiber filter paper or glass fiber filter paper, non-woven fabric, hot melt adhesive, sealant and outer frame material. Among them, glass fiber filter paper is produced by special treatment of glass fibers of various thicknesses and lengths. The main features of this material are high temperature resistance, high efficiency, large dust holding capacity, good stability and long service life.

The working principle of HEPA high-efficiency filter is mainly that the dust particles in the air perform inertial motion or random Brownian motion with the airflow. When moving in a certain force during motion, the particles will interact with other obstacles. Collision, the gravitational pull on the surface of the particle will cause it to stick to the obstacle. This is the process by which airborne dust is adsorbed.

With the development of science and technology, the emergence of new chemical fiber filter materials has gradually replaced chemical fiber filter materials. However, there are many occasions where the cleaning requirements are relatively high. The main application is glass fiber filter paper, which is a HEPA filter. When the dust particles pass through the air filter, the filter paper in the air filter forms an infinite number of barriers to the fibers, and the suspended matter, microorganisms, and the like adhere to the surface of the fiber filter, and the clean air after filtration passes smoothly.

HEPA high-efficiency filters have found wide applications in many areas, such as ventilation engineering, hospital operating rooms and sterile rooms, food factories, pharmaceutical plants, central air conditioners, and air fresheners. There are also some places where there is a strict requirement for air cleanliness. HEPA high efficiency filters are indispensable.


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