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More paint spray mist filter


Paint stop is also called glass fiber filter cotton, floor cotton, paint-resistant cotton, paint filter, paint mist filter felt. The main purpose of the paint mist filter cotton is to catch excess paint from the paint system, to avoid paint stains on the sprayed product, to prevent damage to the surface of the spray product and to protect the external environment.

The paint stop is composed of high-strength continuous monofilament glass fiber, which has an increasing structure. The filter fiber can effectively store the paint mist and dust. The filter material of the paint mist filter cotton is green and white, and the green color is printed cotton. It has good elasticity and low pressure. damage. The filtering principle is: after the glass wire is arranged and formed, the contact probability with the paint mist is increased, and then the viscosity of the paint and the inertia of the movement are used to adsorb the paint mist in the paint mist filter cotton, thereby filtering the paint mist.

Paint stop is generally used in dry painting spray booths, dry painting systems for automobiles, furniture, mechanical parts, and paint mist filtration or kitchen fume filtration.

Paint stop replacement tips:

(1) Before replacing the paint stop, remove the air inlet, ceiling, and floor filter, and clean up the ventilation ducts, dead corners, and other dusty areas.

(2) Open the spray booth door and start the fan blow for 1-3 minutes or more. After cleaning, install the filter cotton. When installing the filter cotton, the filter material and structure must be flat, adjacent to the size of the flawed uniform, the filter cotton structure is installed adjacent to the sealant, and then the ceiling filter cotton and the air inlet filter cotton are installed.

(3) In the future, the fan will be blown for 15 minutes or more, and then cleaned once and coated with varnish for application. Not changing the paint stop in time will affect the work.

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