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Car spraying precautions


When the paint booth is working, the ventilation fan draws in the outside air and blows down the filter cotton on the ceiling of the paint booth. The air is drawn out of the paint booth on the floor of the paint booth, and the airflow is created in the paint booth. Even if there is a small amount of dust in the paint booth, it will not fly. The filter cotton on the roof of the paint booth can filter out most of the dust to keep the air in the paint booth clean. Therefore, the paint booth filter and the paint stop on the floor of the paint booth should be replaced regularly.

When painting, the external air is filtered by the primary filter and sent to the roof by the fan, and then purified by the top paint booth filter to enter the room. The air in the room is fully descended and flows downward at a speed of 0.2-0.3 m/s, so that the paint mist particles after painting can not stay in the air, and the bottom air outlet is directly discharged through the paint booth filter.

After some vehicles are sprayed and painted in the paint booth, some pitting will appear on the paint surface. Careful observation will reveal that some dust particles are attached to the paint surface by the paint. When this happens, it means that the air in the paint booth contains a lot of dust.

The air entering the paint booth is the main source of pollutants. Therefore, when not using the paint booth, the door of the paint booth should be closed. It is strictly forbidden to open the door of the paint booth for a long time. In many repair shops, the grinding work of putty is often carried out in an area very close to the paint booth. A lot of dust is generated during the process of polishing the putty, and a large amount of dust such as putty ash can easily enter the paint booth with the flow of air. If the putty is sanded and dust-free dry grinding technology is adopted, the situation will be relatively better. If the manual grinding method is adopted, the pollution will be very serious. Therefore, in the repair shop, the putty grinding work should be carried out in the area away from the paint booth.

The vehicle to be sprayed is usually the largest source of contamination in the paint booth. Wheels, bumpers, and engine compartments collect a large amount of contaminants, and thorough body cleaning can reduce the impact of these contaminants on painting operations. Therefore, good preparations such as body cleaning are very important.


1. Before spraying, it is necessary to check whether the air pressure of the spraying is normal, and ensure that the filtering system is clean;

2. Check the air compressor and the oil-water micro-dust separator to keep the paint hose clean.

3. Spray guns, paint hoses and paint tanks should be stored in a clean place;

4. In addition to dust removal with a blow gun and sticky cloth, all other pre-spraying procedures should be completed outside the paint booth;

5, only in the paint room can be sprayed and baked, and the paint room door can only be opened when the vehicle enters and exits. When opening the door, the air circulation system must be activated to create a positive pressure to ensure that the dust outside the room cannot be Enter the room;

6, must wear the specified spray paint and wear safety equipment in order to enter the paint room for operation;

7. When carrying out the baking work, the flammable items in the paint booth must be taken out of the house;

8. Non-essential personnel are not allowed to enter the paint booth.

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