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Roof filter to ensure the spray effect


The roof filter is usually used for the roof filter of the spray booth. The general industrial spray system and the air purification system are pre-filtered. The air supply system is used for the current sharing function. It is designed for the end filtration of the surface coating industry to ensure uniform airflow in the spray shop. A laminar flow state is formed. The filter material is processed by hot melt method, and the synthetic fiber with higher density gradually increases the initial resistance, the dust holding capacity is high, the elasticity is strong, and the wind surface is covered with the net reinforcement.

After the roof filter is dusted by the air inlet, it is sent into the factory by the fan, forcing the air in the plant to form a positive pressure to ensure the effective discharge of the paint smell in the workshop. The air is filtered by the first time to filter the ceiling cotton of the air inlet of the fan, which mainly filters the large dust impurities in the air; the second filtration is the fine filtration of the ceiling roof filter, which is also the most important filtration. The fully filtered air is evenly diffused to form a laminar flow state for optimum spray effect. The third time is the lacquer mat under the floor screen, which is mainly used to filter excess paint in the air. Reduce paint content and odor in the exhaust.

To ensure the quality of the paint, pay attention to the following when replacing the roof filter:

1. Carefully clean the ventilation ducts, dark corners and dusty areas.

2, close the paint room door, open the fan air blow for about 1 hour

3. When installing filter cotton, there should be no gap left between the filter material and the frame and the surrounding area. First install the ceiling and air inlet filter cotton, and open the fan for about 4 hours.

4. After cleaning again, install the cotton to use

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