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What is the choice of high efficiency air filter?


The high-efficiency air filter is applied to the end of the air conditioner, large central air conditioner and combined air conditioner for constant temperature and humidity. The high efficiency air filter ensures the cleanliness of the air surface. The high efficiency air filter provides strong indoor cleanliness. Powerful guarantee; high efficiency air filter has a large air volume, high cleanliness and low cost, which is the first choice of many merchants.

The selection of the high-efficiency air filter mainly depends on the parameter filtration efficiency, the rated air volume, the initial resistance under the rated air volume, and the dust holding capacity. According to the method specified in GB/T6165-1985 "High-efficiency air filter performance test method transmittance and resistance", the transmittance is 0.1% (that is, the efficiency is 99.9%) or the counting of particles with particle size 0.1μm is transparent. A filter with an overshoot 0.001% (ie efficiency 99.999%) is a high efficiency air filter.

The high-efficiency air filter should mainly filter the air at the final stage in various types of clean rooms, clean tunnels, high-efficiency air supply ports, purification work stations, air showers, etc. The high-efficiency air filter should not be used alone, and should be installed in the clean air conditioning system. The end. High-efficiency air filters are mainly used to capture particulate dust and various suspended solids below 0.5um. High-efficiency filters include: partitions, no partitions, V-shaped pleated, high-temperature and high-efficiency filters, ultra-fine glass fiber paper for filter materials, offset paper, aluminum film and other materials for the split plate, the main frame is mainly used : Aluminum alloy profiles, multi-layer frame, aluminum frame, galvanized steel frame, the most used aluminum alloy frame, mainly made into a cubic structure. Glued with the outer frame, made of special silicone rubber, odorless, the surface will not harden, there will be no cracks for a long time, the chemical properties are stable, corrosion resistance, and the stress generated by thermal expansion and contraction can be absorbed without cracking. The hardness is moderate, the elasticity is recovered well, and the filtration efficiency is high, the resistance is low, and the dust holding capacity is large.


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